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ET Web Hosting Network Connectivity

Internet Backbone (Network) Connectivity

ET Web Hosting is a premium-level hosting service provider, and this includes using only the "best of the best" for our bandwidth and network infrastructure. You will not find any cheap, low-cost bandwidth when using our services.

Our datacenter utilizes five different gigE fiber optic (1000Mbit/s) connections with the world's largest "Tier 1" network/bandwidth providers to provide fully redundant connections to every major internet backbone on the planet:

These five providers power the networks and connectivity behind over 95% of the world's Fortune 500 industries and companies, including the NYSE, Microsoft, Amex, IBM, and many others. They are the "best of the best". If you are aware of any better network/bandwidth providers, please be sure to contact us.

All of our providers have peering agreements with all major network carriers on a regional and international basis. This allows your websites and email to easily and reliably reach even the most remote networks around the world, using multiple paths, in cases where the normal routes may be unhealthy or even down. It also allows us to make intelligent "dynamic routing decisions" to ensure both networks are being utilized as efficiently as possible.

For example, if you are 1 second from our SAVVIS link and 1.5 seconds from Mzima, it will automatically route you to our SAVVIS connection, in real time, with no delay at all. This allows for maximum speed access to our servers for your website and email.

In other words, your websites and email are 100% redundant across *five* world-class providers, and your data is able to travel much faster and reliably to any point on the planet due to intelligent routing that automatically uses whatever is the most efficient network at any given moment.

Redundancy & Reliability

For increased redundancy, our datacenter utilizes the standard iBGP and HSRP to maintain maximum speed and uptime. Besides optimizing normal traffic routing across our four provider's networks, iBGP and HSRP also handle load balancing during failures. If one of our network connections goes down, it will automatically balance the load to the other connections thereby ensuring your website and email are available even during a network connection failure!

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