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Private Label Reseller Plans

One Wholesale Account - MULTIPLE Websites!

Not sure what reselling is, or why you might want to do it? Click here to find out. (If you're not interested in reselling, but simply want a reduced cost for hosting multiple websites.. then this is for you too!)

NOTE: ET Web Hosting provides premium business-class reseller hosting services. We are more expensive than the discount low-cost "unlimited everything" providers (like godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, etc.) because our servers are faster, more reliable, and we do not need to put 100's of customer on every server to make a profit. If you are interested in reselling web hosting to your own customers, then we highly recommend you go with the highest quality reseller provider your money can buy. After all, your business reputation depends on it. With ET Web Hosting, you get what you pay for!

Windows Hosting

Want to resell Microsoft Windows hosting accounts?
[ click here ]

How It Works

You will receive a big block of diskspace and bandwidth at low wholesale cost, which you can then break up and use however you want!  Using the WebHost Manager Software (WHM) control panel, you simply create an account for each individual domain/website you wish to host and determine all the settings and specifications it should have. (See the WHM demo!)

You get all the benefits of being an independent hosting company.. without the huge operating costs! You provide your clients with your own technical support & billing; while we remain anonymous in the background - and fully manage the server hardware and software for you. We will never contact or deal with your customers for any reason. They will never even know we exist.

Create your own accounts

Every account you create will receive its own username, password, and online control panel (CPanel), so your customers can easily manage their own website, email, view statistics, etc.

For each account you create, you are totally free to set and modify the disk space, bandwidth, number of email accounts, databases, subdomains, ftp accounts, databases, etc. You have total control over the resources you wish to offer your own customers.

Getting Started

Just sign up for one of the plans listed below, and once your plan is activated you can log into your WHM control panel, create accounts, and start hosting multiple domains right away!

If you have any questions please contact us and we'll get back to you right away.

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Our responsibilities to you

We will handle all the server hardware and software system administration and keep things running smoothly. We will also be your "second line" technical support engineers if you have a problem and can’t answer it. (Just submit a helpdesk request.) We will never contact your customers for any reason.

Your responsibilities to your customers

You will be responsible for providing "first line" support to your own customers as well as providing your own billing. (ie: You are free to charge your customers whatever you want!) All accounts you create must abide by our normal hosting policies.

Can I upgrade at anytime?

If you need more diskspace, bandwidth or ability to create more accounts, you may upgrade to a higher package at any time, free of charge. Just submit a helpdesk request and we'll take care of it right away!


Monthly fee (USD $) $25.00 $35.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00
Number of accounts
you can create
10 30 50 80 110
Disk Space (Fast SSD) 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 70 GB 100 GB
Monthly bandwidth 200 GB 300 GB 500 GB 750 GB 1000 GB
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** Need more than one WHM account? Each additional account will receive a 50% discount.

Free Extra’s

Personalized Nameservers. If desired, we will set up your account to use your own personalized nameservers, at no extra cost, so you can remain completely anonymous to your customers. (ie: ns1.yourcompany.com & ns2.yourcompany.com)

Softaculous Auto-Installer System.Each account you create includes full access to the Softaculous Auto-Installer system. With only a few simply clicks, your customers will be able to easily install and configure dozens of the most popular software applications on their website.

Software Details

WebHost Manager Software to create and manage your domains (demo)
CPanel Control Panel for each account you create (more info)
Softaculous Auto- Installer for easy installation of popular applications (more info
... and a lot more!

WebHost Manager
(Take a testdrive)

CPanel for each domain
(More info)

Host MULTIPLE Websites
Personalized Nameservers
99% Uptime Guarantee
High-Speed Servers
Access to WebHostManager
CPanel Control Panel
Softaculous auto-installer
Unlimited POP3/IMAP Accounts
Unlimited Auto Responders
Unlimited Forwarders
Unlimited Aliases
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Browser Access to WebMail
Unlimited Mail Blockers
Unlimited Private POP Servers
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Web-Based Control Panel
Web-Based File Manager
Private Secure SSL

Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Domain Pointers
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Online Database Management
Graphical Visitor Statistics
MS frontpage® Extensions
Access To Raw Logs
Cron Job Support
Custom MIME types
Password Protected Directories

Password Protection
PhpMyAdmin Access
Network Tools
Nightly Backups
Downloadable Backup File
Customizable Error Pages
Many Preconfigured Scripts
International Domain Names
30 day guarantee
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