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  Reselling & Multiple Website Hosting

Reselling is when you purchase a web hosting account (or a big chunk of disk space and bandwidth) at a bulk rate and then sell it to your own customers for a profit. If you're not interested in reselling, but simply want a reduced cost for hosting multiple websites.. then this is for you too!

Perfect for web site designers, value-added resellers, or just regular webmasters who want to reduce the cost of hosting multiple domains.

There are two main kinds of reselling: Individual Account Reselling, and Bulk Reselling.

Individual account reselling involves you purchasing each individual account directly from us when needed (at a significant discount) and then reselling it to your customer for a profit. If you opt for one of our bulk reselling plans, you will get one big chunk of disk space and bandwidth, which you may break up and use to create individual accounts. You are free to sell each individual account you create for any price you want. That's right, one bulk account will allow you to host multiple websites!

Bulk Reselling (Linux)

Individual Account Reselling ( Windows)

Why should you consider reselling

Did you know that the web hosting industry expands by about $16 million a day? It's an huge industry which is experiencing explosive growth rates. In addition to this fact, there are several reasons for you to resell:

  • Small startup cost
  • Convenient. You can work from the comfort of your home.
  • Recession-proof income. Web hosting is a truly global industry. Once you start reselling, you are operating an international business.
  • Not much technical knowledge is needed. We manage the hardware and keep them running smoothly - you don't need to wrestle with web server and database software or the many security updates, patches, fixes, etc.. You can concentrate on selling, not server management.
  • Extra income! If you're already a web designer, then why should you send your clients to someone else? Now you can provide complete hosting services to your own clients, and they'll pay you instead of someone else.

How does it work?

It's really quite simple. Just purchase either one of our bulk linux plans or one of our Windows reseller plans, design your sales site, and then you can start advertising your services!

As a reseller, your customers will contact you directly without knowing about us. You handle all your own billing so you can charge your customers whatever rates you choose. You are responsible for providing support to your own customers, but if they ask a question you can't answer.. we're just a helpdesk ticket away. (In other words, you would ask us the question and then pass on our answer to your customer.)

What if I need more disk space/bandwidth?

Not a problem! Simply let us know and you can upgrade your bulk plan or any of your resold plans at any time.

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